Who is

Born in Danang, Vietnam, Khoa’s multi-music culture is infectious. His fondness for his teenage years is still a profound influence on his life and creative work, from discovering his love to music at his high school’s rock club, to seeing his favorite artists, and listen to his favorite bands for the first time. Right from the start, Khoa’s curiosity of how everything works got him into self-teaching music. The keen and talented Khoa spent hours to learn about the sound, the rules, and the beauty of his first guitar. Despite the fact that Khoa was not supported by his family, he still lives up to his dream and realizes that his mission was, “to be that musician who is impactful and influential, making the world a better place,”

Who is Khoa Le ?

Khoa’s musical influence changed dramatically since he got to the United States. From Linkin Park to John Mayer, from electric to acoustic, from the rebellious Khoa to a deep and soulful Khoa, he found himself in peace with the stories from the music he listens to. One of the most important stories that changed Khoa’s life belongs to Andy Mckee. When Khoa first saw Andy performed, Khoa knew right away that this was what he had always been wanting to do: to tell stories and influence others with a guitar. After that life changing concert of Andy Mckee, Khoa spent 7-8 hours a day to read the materials and practice fingerstyle guitar, a technique of playing the guitar by plucking the strings directly with the fingertips, fingernails, or picks in order to fulfill a song with multiple sounds all at once. He not only self-taught, but also innovated the techniques that fit best to his musical ability.

Musical influence

On-going career

After his first and significant appearance at NAMM 2016, Khoa lives up to his dream and gets his music career going strong with his multi-talents in the arts. He has been releasing cover videos on his Youtube channel, collaborating with other artists, writing and arranging music for Danang City Travel commercial, scoring for documentaries, and directing several concerts in Portland, Oregon, USA. With this resolve and dedication, Khoa’s experiences and influences culminated into an ingenious and inspired self-produced/written EP called: “Inner Journey”, released in the early 2018.

Inner journey

His first EP “Inner Journey” is a musical project that supersedes the traditional audio-only format, but combining a variation of artistic mediums. Inner Journey tells a story of how Khoa found himself, developed as a musician, and reflected on his self-growth over the years.

In an industry that is so hidden in facade

Khoa is an innovator and visionary who brings to music the purity of his own soul. He is brave that way – a genuine musician, inspired by the world around him. His empathy and unwavering authenticity, in conjunction with his inherent creativity, make him a true contender for mogul status. He is an underdog who happens to overachieve, a leader who feels like an outsider, and an artist who will is undeniably talented, original, and relatable.